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A cadet force that isn't well known yet highly respected in the cadet world. Have amazing uniform, and are known as "hardcore" because the have the word 'marine' in the name although admittedly they are usually hard as nails. Only cadet force that the Air cadets like as the marine cadets don't usually go around bragging about what they are even though they are awesome. NOT to be confused with Sea cadets as marine cadets are manlier than sea cadets will ever be.
Air Cadet 1: Check out that guys uniform its perfect
Air Cadet 2: You know why don't you, he's a marine cadet
by Bored_Stupid March 16, 2015
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Respectable cadets that the ATC doesn't mind, good uniform, should not be confused with sea cadets and are better than army cadets, though the air cadets will always be better known...
That marine cadets is almost as good as our air cadets!
by Lappi laughs January 02, 2014
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