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An alternative winter celebration. Every night for 8 nights, one tube of a large, eight-tubed bong is lit ablaze at 4:20 P.M. and smoked amongst all those present (did I mention the bong was large?). The rest of the day is devoted to a hefty smorgasbord of whatever food one's heart desires (there are provisions to allow for gas station runs when additional food or other supplies are requested). Marijuanukkah celebrators often finish the evening by falling asleep to the 6 o'clock news and not waking up until it's time to celebrate again the next day. A much less stressful holiday than Christmas or Hanukkah, but religious in it's own right.
Ted: Hey Bobby, you want to come to my christmas party this Friday?
Bobby: Nah dude, I'll be too busy celebrating Marijuanukkah to do much of anything for the next 8 days
by xlcor September 02, 2010
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