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Marie-Eve is the most awesome girl you'll ever meet. She's brilliant, beautifull, funny, and just overall totally unforgettable
Look at Marie-Eve, she's so incredible!
by Gleurg February 03, 2010
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Marie-Ève is a beautiful and awesome girl that has a great personality very likable and loves reading and writing as well as horseback riding and she can draw extremely well she also has an amazing dog named Zeus and Cody
Person 1: Hey you know Marie-Ève

Person 2: Who is that

Person 1: That person Anthony asked out

Person 2: Oh yeah those two go well together i hope they end up dating

Person 1: Yeah they are I hope so too

Person 2: Do you think they will get together

Person 1: Definitely What they bother have soo much in common

Person 2: Yeah true

Person 1: If she does not realize they are great together now she will definitely next year in 2019

Person 2: Anthony is the first to ask her out and the first she was told that he had a crush on her

Person 1: If they don’t date she will realise soon

Person 2: Agreed
by Shadowhitman475 December 15, 2018
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