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Marianka is a person that laughs at everything. She is always happy and makes friends with everyone.
She is straight forward and can be really bitchy if she wants to be.
If your her friend she will always be there for you and never stop being there for you.
she is crazy and wild and really weird.
Wow that chick is laughing like Marianka
by peoplepleasure December 07, 2010
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This is the name of a country. But can also be used as a name for usually a women, but sometimes confused for a whore or mentally confused male. This species is born without a brain, as it tenderly grows over a time of about 50 years. You have failed at life if you, or your children have this name. Please remember to cut diagonally across your arm.
Please check you have all required vaccinations before or directly after coming in contact with this species.
Remember to wash hands after touching and thoroughly flush eyes to remove facial image for personal safety.

Alternate meaning: Douche or Clamidia
"Im flying to Marianka tonight..." ... "why? ya douche..?"

Why do you keep talking to me Marianka, i dont want AIDS...

I smell pussy..WAIT.... Oh damn thats Marianka :( FAIL
by TheTruthAndNoLie October 31, 2009
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