One of the most Ahmmazing people you'll ever meet. She is loving and caring but can sometimes tell little white lies. She is an animal lover and hopes to save animals in her future. Her close friends are like family and they are always with her. She is the girl that has two sides, a loving one and one with an attitude. She is very clumsy, but very smart. She has a fun side and a study side. Shes awesomee
O, that girl is such a mariangela! Hey mari, whatsup
by youwillneverknowwhothisis August 14, 2010
Name means "Bitter Angel with a Big Spear". Hispanics, Catholics and Italians favor it as a name for their children.
"DO you know Mariangela? She's fierce!"
by Mariangela S October 11, 2008
Ugly buttifule randome fun currlyheaded dating bryce hall literally no joke and has hella friends
Oh dam mariangela perez is so popular and funny man does she got a bae or nah ?
by Angie perez team bhadbhabie November 30, 2017