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A hot latina from Argentia who has a great body and a tremodous ass and who hosts The Daily Download on the FUSE Network Monday-Friday at 6 p.m. live from New York City.
1. Damn. Marianela has a great ass. I'd love to tap that ass.
2. Who cares about the music? The only reason I watch Daily Download is to see Marianela and her sweet ass.
3. Damn is Marianela hot!
by Steven August 06, 2004
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A Marianela is a latina girl that usually has dirty blonde of brown hair. She has a future in dance and she is usually friends with a Julia, and she is incredibly sweet. Her humour is not the best. She LOVES going to the mall and a summer camp with her best friend. She gets average grades and is usually the teachers pet.
Did you see that new girl
She is obiously like a Marianela
by a MARIANELA May 29, 2018
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