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She could be the best friend you can ever have.
she has the prettiest eyes you can EVER imagine,
her sense of humor it's amazing,
her laugh has that i-dunno-what that makes you want to laugh even if there's nothing funny.
She is GORGEOUS,her smile is perfect,
she is the kind of person that makes you smile even if is the worst day,
the kind of person that you love even if you don't want to.
she is also capable of change your life.
one of the thousand of details that make her lovely are her hugs they are just awesome,the best hugs you can ever find.
If you ever find a "Mariali"love her,hug her,look after her and enjoy every single moment that you spent with her,You won't regret.
S:She has an amazing personality
M:Of course her name is Mariali
by Great gifts to Great persons!! September 13, 2013
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She is very beautiful and she is very kind never selfish and she has a lot of patience she doesn’t like backstabbing fake people. she has a lot of friends and she is very popular and all the dudes are crazy for her she likes to play sports never stays mad at someone but if you do her wrong she will never talk to you the same as before and is a badass.
kid#1 did you know Marialis threw a rock at a car
Kid#2 yeah she’s a badass
by Ur guys wife September 27, 2018
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