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This is a horses equivalent of a orgasm. In some hick towns in America where sleeping with animals is accepted, boasting in the bar about giving your horse a "Maregasm" is quite common and completely acceptable.
Cletis: I gone and got me a new horse called Betsie, She's a beauty, it took me a while but i gave her a "Maregasm" she aint never gonna forget!
John Boy: Way ta go Cletis, you a lucky man!
by Paul Fleming July 14, 2006
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The best gift you can give your marefriend. It is when your marefriend backs up into you and you cause her to climax
I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with my marefriend by grooming her, feeding her apples and eating out her sweet hay vagina until she had a maregasm
by marefriend May 04, 2015
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