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International Turd at Work Day
An internationally agreed date to clench your Ass Cheeks for 12 hours prior to March 15th, and then stink out your employer provided conveniences with your rotten bowel fodder, and greasy buckshot. Just for the hell of it.

A more radical approach in recent years has been to grab the more solid Turds, and use as a rudimentary crayon to draw a giant smiley face in the nearest wall, with the phrase 'eat it Roberts' underneath.
Yesterday, in preparation for March15 - Tony ate a mixed grill of Eggs, Cabbage, Guiness, Bran, Nut Roast, Cornflour (for stodge) and Pickled Figs.

This morning, after a hard sneeze, he had 'March15' 'ed all over the office.
by chuffingtontwatface March 14, 2012
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