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A truly beautiful girl, inside and out. She is easy-going, has a nice sense of humor, and will often times bring up your entire day just with her smile. She is definitely a girl that you will never forget. She is also an amazing athlete and you can truly see her shine playing a sport, whether it is on the court, on the fields, or wherever tf. She is the best person in the world, probzzzz.
!. Have you seen Marabeth today? She looks amazing!
by dontbegrown May 14, 2015
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She is a rare breed. A Marabeth knows her worth and will not allow any man to change her morals. She is a magnificent creature that will change your world. She is kind and compassionate and will treat you as family, but she has a thick wall up at first because of her wisdom that protects her from pain. She has seen things, lived things, been places which makes her special and every day with a Marabeth is a new adventure. She craves appreciation because she wants to know that her hard work to bring joy to others is acknowledged. And on top of all of that she has an amazing ass.
“Wow I met a Marabeth at this party last night. I’ve never met a girl like it.”
“Oh my God, a Marabeth? Dude I’m jealous. That’s one rare find.”
by HolmelessHouse December 21, 2018
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Small town girl who plays basketball and is named by a varsity player because her name is unknown to her will not give up even when people are yelling and screaming in the stands at her and has the help of the varsity team to guide her
(Ira) Hey Marabeth

(Marabeth) hey
by Themarabeth May 19, 2018
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