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A small town in SE MA where we basically rock. Known for our academic and athletic excellence, we are also known for the tweeter center(now stupidly named comcast center), where we have the best concerts around. 311 is by far the best. We dominate over towns like North and Foxboro...and every other town in well, EVERYTHING! We know what's up and down, what's hot and what's not. Parties are a joke, as well as that Mansfield Crossing place...but we still get by. The 99 will forever be amazing. We are all very lazy and would rather go to someone's house to play video games than travel 15 minutes out of town to go bowling or do something AWESOME, but that's just us. To sum up mansfield...we are pretty much a bunch of awesome kids who can kick your ass.
Awesome guy #1: hey you going up to that party 30 mins away?

Awesome guy #2: nahh guy 311 is in Mansfield, MA's gonna be legendary!
by Stinston March 17, 2009
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