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She is a fiery, intelligent and attractive beauty but don't you dare underestimate because if you threaten her friends or family she can turn into a blazing asian and you don't want to see that side of her. She is super sweet, caring, giving, loyal and kind. She makes friends easily because she is very outgoing but don't mistake her beautiful exotic looks and soft sweet demeanor for weakness. She can aggressively defend herself, her family and friends if you overstep your boundaries. Definitely a tigress in the bedroom but also a woman you can take home to Mom.
I am so lucky my girl is Manresa because she has what every guy wants; intelligence, beauty, sweet and an incredible body who knows how to win over your mother but also knows how to get creative and is highly sexual in the bedroom. Definitely one of a kind.
by Super Viper G22 May 07, 2017
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