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½ Man, ½ Chimpanzee. Most hilarious word ever. Too bad a Manpanzee doesn't actually exist, but there are many sightings of unidentified animals that could be a Manpanzee, like bigfoot, yeti, abominable snowman, etc. Also, the theync user weeg may possibly be a Manpanzee, judging from his speech patterns. A possible rendition of a Manpanzee is the infamous Mangurl, which is what weeg supposedly looks like.
Manpanzee can be affectionately shortened to Manpan. The female version of a Manpanzee would logically be Womanpanzee.
*Manpanzee wakes up and goes downstairs*

Womanpanzee Wife: Aww you're up early, I am making Manpancakes today!
Manpanzee: Me eat Manpancakes. Did thay finished yet?
Womanpanzee Wife: Aww Manpan, why are you in such a hurry? You don't have to go to work for another hour!
Manpanzee: Me go early today.
Womanpanzee Wife: I love you.
Manpanzee: Me love you.
by toshinator February 24, 2010
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Of all the horrendous creatures, there is no other creature as horrendous, disgusting, oppurtunistic, and immoral as the dreaded north american Manpanzee. Often seen as the most unnatural and disgusting creature on the planet, the Manpanzee is bred from the corrupted son of Adam, whos kind was so finely crafted in the likeness of our lord above, and a female Pan troglodytes, whom god has delibrately placed below our beautiful speicies. This creature is made in the most evile of ways, and it is as expected of a very disgusting lifestyle. It has no morals, will eat anything, and sodomizes and mates with anything that moves. Anything that is attacked, be it male or female, will instantly become pregnant with a Manpanzee fetus. That is the extent on the evil of the Manpanzee, corrupting even the finest creations of god. One must not approach the Manpanzee, and must pacify it with a a bullet fired from a firearm, a blade, honed in the holy city of the pope, or a flame, a bible, or a nice whooping and telling of the parents. To summarize this paragraph, a Manpanzee, is a thot.
Get away from me you Manpanzee!
by Father Charles May 09, 2018
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