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A high school class devised to test the strength, willpower and fortitude of a man. This is achieved by students individually completing several tasks that, once completed, prove the student in question to be incredibly courageous, awesome, and in all likelihood, criminally insane.
Events include:
Bear-Hugging a Bear
Running upstream in a waist-high river in full medieval body armor
Catching a bullet in your teeth
Climbing up a rock face with no gear except the two handed broadsword which is permitted for fighting carnivorous mountain goats
Killing yaks with nothing but your mind
Killing yaks with your shadow
Kayaking across the Pacific ocean
Convincing a female yeti to have dinner with you in Paris (and later convincing the TSA to let an abominable snowman on a plane)

Other events exist, but not publicly.

Warning!: Failure to complete some tasks perfectly may in severe injury or death.
Samuel: So what elective are you taking this year, bro?

Kumar: Manly Endeavors. All the way.

Samuel: You are fuckin' insane! More people die in that class than in the French Army!

Kumar: That's the French Army's fault not ours...
by Mindbladeskillyaks May 30, 2010
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