A resident of Manhattan New York, either being a member of an elite family or having a six-figure salary, this person's agenda is generally frequented by occasions such as cocktail parties that drag into the early hours of the morning, brunch, and endless afternoons with immediate friends in the Hamptons, Westchester, the country estate, or on the yacht. This person has no conception of how the middle class survives and never wants to think about it. Most call the Upper East Side home while a few may hail to the West Side, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho, Midtown, the Garment District, and the Meatpacking District. They are a gay and fun loving bunch when you get to know them well enough.
A couple of Manhattanites surviving on a camping trip alone? Thats a funny jest.
by IG Manhattanite September 25, 2004
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People from Manhattan who think the world of themselves just because of the borough they live in. They're insufferable, judgemental, and superior.
"Do you live in the same borough as the Empire State Building? I didn't think so." "Sofia, you're such a Manhattanite."
by Shibadeeboo February 6, 2022
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