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A fat, ugly, indian chick that is annoying as hell. She is also very clingy and weird. The world could do without maneeshas'....
Johnny: That chick is SOOOO ugly and fat.

Bob: Haha yea, that chick is a MANeesha!
by John Smithsonjohnny August 21, 2008
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A Maneesha is a state when one is vindictive, illogical, and spiteful.
A good person drives to work, but gets cut off by another bad driver and this consequently unleashes the Maneesha within the good driver. A person that gives the finger to someone they despise at a traffic signal and or stalks someone at their house is showing Maneesha type behavior.
by Logical Professor December 08, 2017
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A beautiful, loving, caring girl who always looks out for her friends. Do not mess with Maneesha, she's strong, brave and bold as a lion. She is always easy-going, curious and chill. Maneesha is smart, intelligent, gifted and quite tall. Never mess with her, she'll kick your ass if you harm her friends or herself. She's funny and lights up the room when she walks in, her smile always brightens your day. Always trust in Maneesha, she always knows what's best. Everybody wants to be her friend, because she's devoted and affectionate nearly all the time. Maneesha is a very strong-willed and daring girl, she is always up for an adventure.
PERSON 1: "I'm so depressed..."

PERSON 2: "Really? Just go talk to Maneesha!"
by P.G Atlanta May 31, 2017
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