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A male who meets the 3 following criteria:
1. Measures under 5'3"
2. Is not a midget
3. Overcompensates for his short stature in obvious and inappropriate ways
"Don't tell me Tony's hitting the juice in the locker room again. That mandget needs to get laid, bra"
by Dr. Titty Jiggle July 22, 2006
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A mythical creature much like a Fawn our Centaur. Has the lower body of a full size man and the upper body of a midget. Generally about 4 feet tall, these creatures can usually be found in department stores and Goodwill. They are everywhere, but are typically in hiding. Many of them are members of the Cult of the Sack.
Fred: "Dude, did you see that guy? His legs were half the length of his body!"
Bob: "Yeah, he's probably a Mandget."
by Cult-of-the-Sack February 25, 2015
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