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verb:, man.crept
1. The act of creeping on people/inanimate objects for one's own pleasure.
2. The act of following, stalking or watching via interweb or real life.
3. The act of putting up pictures of Clay Aiken on someone's window while they are sound asleep.
4. The act of liking old men, small children, bag ladies and sleeping roomates.

5. Using phootgraphs of other people as your screensaver/desktop without the consent of the person in the photograph.
"That guy was so weird, when you turned around I saw him smell your hair...he was totally Mancreeping on you!"

"Ugh, I ran into the same person like four times today...I felt like such a Mancreep!"

"This might sound Mancreepy, but I really like to put photos of other people on my laptop and pretend we are friends"
by ManCreeper April 16, 2010
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