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The town directly west of Toms River, and basically exists in the larger town's shadow. Manchester is a lot like its neighboring town, but without a "downtown" section and with a lot more undeveloped woods. There are significantly fewer things to do in Manchester, so young people smoke a disproportionate amount of marijuana in comparison to neighboring towns. There are two wawa's within the Township and it is 9 miles away from Seaside heights, where the stoned Manchesterians spend a lot of their time. Manchester also houses over 10 different senior citizen developments and nursing homes.

Manchester is made of various different subsections:

Whiting is largely rural and full of somewhat white trash / redneck individuals. because of the amount of undeveloped woods trails, whiting is known for "woods parties". Kid's in whiting smoke blunts and prefer Honey dutch masters.

Pine Lake Park is known for its horrible polluted lake, where life guards are paid $9/hr to make sure nobody enters the water. PLP lifeguards are notorious for being intoxicated on weed and pain killers on duty. There used to be a public skatepark in PLP but it was torn down after numerous complaints of drug use and drug transactions. Kids in pine lake park smoke hand blown glass pieces.

Holly Oaks is known for their Rite Aid, and the sketchy stoner kids who live there. It is the most typical suburban neighborhood in Manchester. Kids in holly oaks all think theyre drug dealers.

Lakehurst is a seperate town that exists inside Manchester, and is known for the explosion of the hindenburg, its Naval Base, and the prevalence of inbreeding.

Summit Park and Richard Estates are neighborhoods where white people are afraid of getting shot upon entrance.
Dude let's get stoned in Manchester, NJ.
by jim p October 11, 2005
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