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Sperm, jizz, paste, gunk, goo
She wouldnt wake up this morning so I covered her in ManMuck
by loonpipe March 17, 2014
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Rancid bodily secretions that mingle in the cracks and folds around the male anus, ballsack and chode; creating pungent yet sickenly appealing scratch and sniff opportunities.
Though the cameras of the world were pointing his way, the German football manager couldn’t resist reaching deep inside his trousers to scoop up some of the sweaty discharge that had collected deep inside his arse crack. As he drew his gruby fingers towards his mouth he inhaled deeply, the intoxicating aroma of last nights spunk and this morning’s skid marks filled his nostrils. ‘Who cares about the score when you have all this delicious man muck collecting in your pants!?’ He sighed
by Herbert Schweffe October 30, 2018
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