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One is not simply ManBearPimp. A person must reach a certain state of mind before mental transformation and final formation. Established as an experience of modern meditation.
It can be explained as equivalent to reaching ultimate swag, peaking bossness, or simply being a based god.

The practice is embodied through the existence of the mythical creature, ManBearPimp. Legend says that this beastly spirit was fact half man, half bear, and half pimp.
Not to be confused with his evil brother, ManBearPig, made popular by South Park and Al Gore.
ManBearPimp is also the stage name young trap & electronic music DJ/producer from Miami, Florida.

Term was made popular in the southern Miami community.
Ex 1:
Yung Homie - I'm so based it hurts mayne
OG - reaching over 9000 swag ain't easy yung hoppah
Yung Homie - dammit, I just wanna be ManBearPimp already!

Ex 2:
DAMN son, you a straight up ManBearPimp! You got Becky fantasizing and shit
by trillswag9000 January 18, 2015
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When Al Gore dresses up like manbearpig and makes money off his hoes.
manbearpimp (not Al Gore): "WHERES MY MONEY, BITCH?! I'M SUPER CEREAL!"
Sergeant Yates: "FREEZE, I'M A CYOP!"
by The guy that did that thing October 08, 2014
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