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Two men go ass to ass (preferably tied together) cooperating and you using team work thrusting back in forth with a woman on each side of said guy. This simulates the use of a saw. This could be done in different ways.
"Andy you have to stop man-sawing with your friends, it could be very awkward"
by Basssim January 11, 2011
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1. (Verb) - Mansaw, a word used when a person sees soemething of interest, or has witnessed an event.

2. (Noun) - Mansaw is also used as a name for an entity of minor strength (rougly 1/1000th of a wendigos), which is often hideous.
1. (D): Holy-dick-nibbling-crabs, did you see those midgets attack that old-lday.
(K): Yeah, mansaw that.

2. (D): Bro, I caught one of those measly little Mansaws last night.
(K): Really? I hope you incinerated it in a furnace, they're pesky little blighters.
by TheSilentGuff February 06, 2010
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