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n. A white liquidy substance used in sexual reproduction among homo sapiens. Aka, sperm.
Synonyms: semen, sperm, cum, man juice, facial cream, throat coater, jizz, gizz,
John: "yo dave, where were you last night?"
Dave: "I was busy spraying Mary's face with my man nog"
John: "You're the fucking man"

Jeff: "Dude, I saw your mom last night."
Steve: "Where at??"
Jeff: "Getting out of my bed, she was dripping with my man nog."

Sarah: "I love drinking a glass of man nog in the morning."
Elon: "You're a freak a leak sarah...but I'd give you some of my man nog."
by #Jamaica December 06, 2011
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Male ejaculate comprised mostly of sperm, lubricant secretions, and fructose (suga)...biatches
Man nog is that shit when you cack on dat ho
by keith simms November 17, 2007
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