the noise the penis makes when ejaculating whilst rubbing the bollocks
spurt-queef! what a wank!!
hey man... i just had a man-queef!
by louiciia October 14, 2011
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A manqueef is one of those sneaky farts that gets trapped in a dudes butt rack, and travels out underneath the balls, usually happens when sitting/laying in certain positions.
"I was trying not to fart, but I ended up letting out a manqueef instead."
by JustLik3Me March 19, 2021
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When a guy farts out his dick hole or when a mail gets a sex change and qeefs out his/her pussy!
i man queefed out my dick last night after havin sex.
by dan the man 1234 January 21, 2008
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A high pitched fart that results from a man’s monumental efforts to tighten his anus during sex after a dinner that lead to extreme gas pains. The high pitch is the necessary differentiating factor from regular flatulence during sex. Like a female queef but in reverse, the female in this case is required to pretend it’s cute, regardless of smell. The high pitch demonstrates anus tightening warranting complete exoneration of the coutal male.
Oof. I let loose a man queef so bad that even she got grossed out. Good thing the pitch rendered it a queef.
by Daseinstruth October 16, 2020
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