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The hair surrounding the human mans shoulders, neck and chest.
The man mane of the adult males are unique among men, it is one of the most distinctive characteristics of our species. It makes us appear larger, providing an excellent intimidation display; this aids us during confrontations with other men and attracting females. Many men shave their mane; this action has been perceived as submissive and even famine. Often those that shear their hair do so out of superficial reasoning.
by ryanwatson986,ryry104 December 22, 2011
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The bouncing, behaving, luxurious, flowing shampoo-commercialesque long hair belonging to a dude.
"His big blonde man mane seemed like an asset -- until it got sucked into the engine, causing his immediate untimely and gruesome death when his head was squashed like a bug by the cold, unforgiving whirring machinery."
by Memetician the Snow Wahine October 14, 2005
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