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01) Male Gentialia
02) Pork Sword & Meat balls
03) Spam Dagger & friends
04) Meat Truncheon £ handcuffs
05) Mr Happy & the Dynamic Duo
06) Meat and 2 Veg
07) One-eyed Japanese Warrior & ying/yang balls
08) The Boss & Associates
09) Trouser Snake & two Veg
10) Penis and Testicles
11) Erect Member + Scrotal Sack
12) Tom, Dick and Gibblets
13) Chode and gonads
1. OOOWWWWWWW Just been kicked in the "Man Bits", I feel sick
2. OOOWWWWWWW Just caught my "Man Bits" in my flies
by The Third Place April 24, 2003
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a measure of coolness, manliness, or style in a geeky way.
Jason had 9 valentines, +5 manbites for that niggah.
by Ivan February 14, 2005
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A {podcast} dedicated to "straight up chat about men's Health" produced and hosted by Paul Averill - coach, remedial therapist and entrepreneur.
With a vision of reducing suicide among men globally, The ManBits Podcast provides educational content via interviews with thought leaders, influencers, coaches, specialists, authors and other authentic human beings.

Check the show out by going to themanbits dot com
Have you heard of that podcast called The ManBits? It's awesome cos its Straight Up Chat About Men's Health. So much value in there.
by The ManBits May 13, 2018
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