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The ultimate form of annoyance & just an absolute waste of space. Maluch is the most heinous form of human being & is disliked by the majority of the world. Those who choose to befriend it are generally mentally handicapped to such a state of delusion that they can barely function (no one who has ever admitted to befriending the Maluch has had an IQ above 3.) The Maluch is a very poor dresser (it appears to imitate a poor pagan widow with no sense of color coordination, a lack of common knowledge towards clothes that match in any way shape or form, a complete disregard for body type, & a severe delusion that it s signature homemade multi-colored Rastafarian hat can make any POS outfit look socially acceptable.) The Maluch is known to be frigid b*tch, know it all cow, superficial ass, condescending douche, & most definitely a hypocritical whore. Its race & nationality are constantly changing in order to maintain its douchey persona. It majors in Women s Studies even though it s gender is questioned. It takes great pride in being the Token White One in a Mexican sorority. Many have dedicated their lives to eliminating the Maluch; however, sadly enough all attempts have proven to be futile. With the strength of a man, body of a manatee, & brain of a caterpillar Maluch has proven to be semi indestructible. Maluch is in someway directed related to Satan himself. Legend says that if the Maluch is ever kind, considerate, or cooperative in any way it will instantly implode.
Man 1: Did you hear what Maluch did?

Woman 1: OMG, WTF did it do now?

Man 1: It went to Arizona and said it was fighting for its people s rights!

Woman 1: Why doesn t it realize it s white? Damn Maluch.

4,000 Other People: WE HATE MALUCH TOO!!!!
by ispkthetruth September 02, 2010
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The nickname given to the Polski Fiat 126p, the most legendary car from poland
"The best way to pull is to have a maluch"
"The most amazing car ever is the maluch!"
by GoldMexican May 31, 2018
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