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A bald & very sexy male, who entices women with his magnificent charm, breath & nostrils hairs. He tends to dislike F.F.U with a passion, although they refer to him as their mum since he was the one who brought them about and taught them to be who they are today! This character also has a habit of calling small boys to gather in bathrooms with him whenever there are power cuts. #AWKWARD
But don't be fooled to think that he is weak and gay cause he isn't, in fact he is force to be reckoned with cause once your in trouble with him he will first make you "shut up! just shut up!" and then " you will go home aloooone!" "Just gow!"

Student 1: Did you hear?
Student 2: Hear what!?
Student 1: FFU are in big trouble!!
Student 2: Le'me guess Malooooba got them there?
Student 1: Yuuup! maloba did. . .
by F.F.U February 13, 2012
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