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An apocryphal term used by old school anime fans (aka "otaku") to describe a type of fan that came into the genre after the medium went mainstream.

Malltaku usually range in age from early teens to mid twenties, are known for grasping Japanese visual culture as an object of status (ie: "because it's cool"), have elitist tendencies that gravitate toward a well-known series (usually shown on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" or any other mass-market broadcast network), and take Japanese language classes with the sole intent of "wanting to read the manga and understand the anime directly from Japan."

Other traits of the Malltaku include unhealthy obsessions with snack foods, television shows, video games, art styles, symbolism, and fashion with more regard to trend, status, and even the fact that "it's from Japan, so it's kewl"; while paying less regard to the culture of the country itself and its' people.

See also: Mall Goth.
That girl in the Gothic Lolita dress with the Inuyasha backpack trying to draw Vash the Stampede...she's nothing but a god damned Malltaku.
by Thaddeus Kobayashi October 19, 2004
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