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when mall vendors try to sell you their product and stop at nothing. This includes grabbing you, verbally harassing you, and blocking your way from leaving until you buy it.
Vendor: hey you! you look like you're in need of a hair straightener!
Woman: no thanks, i really can't stay...
*Vendor grabs woman's arm*
Woman: what are you doing?
Vendor: please, let me show you!
Woman: no! get off!
*vendor releases her arm and grabs her hand leading her over to his booth*
Vendor: your hair will be silky smooth..
*straightens her hair*
Vendor: how many will you buy?
Woman: ..ugh... if you let me leave i'll buy one..
Vendor: SOLD!
Woman: that was such a mall rape.
by mvdizzle34 December 17, 2009
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