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A new breed of "Bros" whom sprang up around 2004.
Mall Bros are known for being seen at some sort of "Skateboard Apparel" store in a Mall.

The Term Mall Bro was created by the fact that anything that these individuals wear can be found in you're local mall.
Mall Bros Usually wear some sort of new area hat and have pierced ears with the ever so popular diamond earings.

All over print sweat shits are popular with the Mall Bro and can also be identified by their brightly colored sneakers (Usually Nike dunks or DCs) or trendy Mall shirts like Famous Stars and Straps or whatever skateboard reality tv show is on mtv during that time (Rob and Big / Bam).

Don't be mistaken Bros and wiggers are two completely different things, Mall Bros can also be seen with excessively tight trendy Krew jeans or the excessively baggy jeans.
by KRSS November 27, 2007
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