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Malkmosity is a word that describes a person's indieness. For example, if your favorite group is the Black Eyed Peas and you love polo shirts, you have low Malkmosity. If you hate the Black Eyed Peas now and say they were better in the 90's when they were an anti-gangsta rap group (but still didn't really like them, because they were not white and didn't play guitar) and you wear Buddy Holly glasses, you have high Malkmosity.

Coined by Dr. David Thorpe of Something Awful, Malkmosity refers to Pavement singer Stephen Malkmus. The reason being is Malkmus is the epitome of indie. He was a security guard before he recorded one of indie's seminal albums, Slanted & Enchanted, with his friend Spiral Stairs (Scott Kannberg) in the garage of their hippie drummer's house. His music is slightly off kilter pop with cryptic lyrics. (Example, "She's got the radioactive and it makes me feel okay" WTF?!) He is skinny, white, and plays guitar. He is indie.
High Malkmosity Guy: I snuck into a Dinosaur Jr./My Bloody Valentine show 21+ gig when I was fifteen in the early 90s.
Higher Malkmosity Guy: That's cool. I gave Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, and Glenn Branca head in the early 80s.
No Malkmosity Guy: I kind of like music that the majority of the population has heard of.
by Rkye November 19, 2006
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The act, intention, or measure of how much one looks like John Malkovich. Often used by hipsters to adopt attitude and finesse.

Often alluded to because of John Malkovich's utter inability to not BE John Malkovich for even a second.
"Although far more subdued and tasteful that emo kids, indie nerds still clothe themselves in thrift-shop vestments, dishevel their hair, and slap on an annoyingly knowing smirk for maximum Malkmosity." - Something Awful
by buttsteak February 16, 2006
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