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Malida is a softy, lover, nice, sweet, caring, beautiful and lovely person. She is a bookworm, artist, fan girl and crybaby. Once you meet an Malida it is hard to forget about her. She isn’t the person to lose a friend. Malida is a gloomy person everyday. She would make people smile and laugh. She would love in love easily and she the most lovely and beautiful person. She is funny and shy, she has a soft voice. She mostly quiet in classes. Malida is the type of person to make inappropriate jokes and starts making friends. She would love in love easily if she doesn’t know the person. She is brave and loyal to anyone. She sticks up to people, she can be annoying and loud along with her friends. Malida is a lovely person that shouldn’t be left alone.
Kevin: Who that quiet girl in choir?

Jay: Malida, she mostly shy and adorable about it
by Alec_L June 04, 2018
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