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Malentines Day is celebrated when two or more single men, who don't have dates for the evening, decide to bro out with each other through activities such as; Smoking tons of chronic, getting wasted, drinking beers and eating steaks, playing Madden, Call of Duty, or any other manly game, or just chilling in watching a movie (manly movies obviously. Good choices include; The Die Hard franchise, The Deer Hunter, Rambo, or any other movie with a crapload of violence.) Malentines Day is a special day, because you don't have to spend a cent on anyone but yourself. Happy Malentines Day.
Ted: Yo Steve, you gotta date for tonight?

Steve: Nah dude, fuck Valentines Day

Ted: True, I ain't no slave to Hallmark or pussy

Steve: Malentines Day?

Ted: Yeah dude, I'll go pack the bong.
by ThatDudeStoneyFace February 14, 2013
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A day within 2 weeks after Valentines Day where a man can call for his significant other to take him out to dinner to a place of his choice.
"Hey Herb.. What are you up to this friday?"
"Hey Erik, I'm having my girlfriend take me to Red Lobster for Malentines Day"
"Good idea! I hear it is Lobster Fest This weekend"
by senorklein February 19, 2010
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