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The pleasure sounds a guy makes during sex that isn't really grunting and not quite a sigh.
Oh my god Linda, Shawn has the best male moan I have ever heard.
by Hardly.Quinn December 22, 2014
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When a guy moans either during sex or masturbating. To most girls this is the cutest thing to ever hear. They especially love it when u moan during them giving u a blowjob and it turns them on even more. Another good time to moan is when u fucking them doggy style and u in her ear moaning. IF U DO THIS THEY WILL LOVE U FOREVER AND FUCK U MORE!
Emma: Hey how was it with Jay last night?
Liz: It was soo good when we were fucking he was moaning so loud <3 it was the cutest thing i started sucking him harder.
Emma: Damn i wanna hear a male moan so bad.
by space_ranger March 18, 2019
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