A member of the female gender who defends and protects problematic men and blames women for men's wrongdoings. Examples are women who blame girls for wearing short skirts for being sexually assaulted, who attack teenage girls sleeping with adult men instead of the creepy adult men, who say that the woman deserved to be beaten etc. Normally have low self esteem and live for male validation and opinions. Also known as "pick-mes".
Male identified woman: "That stupid little slut was asking to be assaulted wearing that outfit showing her cleavage"
by Rayraydust January 8, 2019
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A Trans-Identified Male, or TIM, is an unfavourable term used to describe transgender people who were assigned male at birth (AMAB) but don't identify as male: such as trans women.

It is typically used with the intent of insulting and discrediting trans women as unfeminine and delusional, especially since its acronym, TIM, is a male name.
Guy 1: This Blaire chick is hot
Guy 2: Blaire White? Nooo man, he's a TIM. You don't want that!

Guy 1: What's a TIM?

Guy 2: Trans-Identified Male. He's a dude in a dress!

Guy 1: looks like a woman to me.
by ZooplanktonPizza December 11, 2021
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