A member of the female gender who defends and protects problematic men and blames women for men's wrongdoings. Examples are women who blame girls for wearing short skirts for being sexually assaulted, who attack teenage girls sleeping with adult men instead of the creepy adult men, who say that the woman deserved to be beaten etc. Normally have low self esteem and live for male validation and opinions. Also known as "pick-mes".
Male identified woman: "That stupid little slut was asking to be assaulted wearing that outfit showing her cleavage"
by Rayraydust January 9, 2019
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A male-identified woman is an individual who will throw other women in front of a moving train to appease the problematic males she surrounds herself with, giving these men her undying support at the detriment of other women's expenses.
She will fight tooth and nail to defend their mental and physical abuse against women, ignoring the severity of the situation. She will continue to coddle them as if they're babies that need breastfeeding. She'll vouch for their incompetence by making excuses for them over-identifying with men, to the point where she refuses to admit that she views an attack on men as an attack on her.
Women who decide to associate with male-identified women are the types to say, What did you do for him to react the way he did? You shouldn't be raising your voice; you should've stayed quiet. It's your fault for talking back to him; no wonder he beat you. As if speaking your truth gives him the right to put his hands on you, it doesn't. These are the types of women to stay away from; any woman who aligns herself with male patriarchy, knowing how it affects all women, is a danger to every woman.
Male identified woman is a woman who will shift the blame to other women to avoid men being held accountable for their actions, and every chance she gets, she will convince women that they are the problem and they need to figure out what they did wrong for the betterment of the man in their lives. Her advice will be to cook him dinner every day and clean up after him, because that's what good women do: wash his clothes. Have sex with him when he says he wants it. Be his peace; be his home away from home. Put his needs first. While you're busy putting him first, you wait for him to acknowledge your efforts, but it falls on deaf ears. No one's your peace; he's not your home away from home. He doesn't put you first unless you mention it; he doesn't cook dinner for you; he doesn't clean up the little mess you make when you have one. He just doesn't do anything. Everything shouldn't be taken for granted without giving something in return and getting it back. Someone who reciprocates the same energy that you put out is living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
by Desert flower September 13, 2023
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A Trans-Identified Male, or TIM, is an unfavourable term used to describe transgender people who were assigned male at birth (AMAB) but don't identify as male: such as trans women.

It is typically used with the intent of insulting and discrediting trans women as unfeminine and delusional, especially since its acronym, TIM, is a male name.
Guy 1: This Blaire chick is hot
Guy 2: Blaire White? Nooo man, he's a TIM. You don't want that!

Guy 1: What's a TIM?

Guy 2: Trans-Identified Male. He's a dude in a dress!

Guy 1: looks like a woman to me.
by ZooplanktonPizza December 12, 2021
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