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A young man ( in shape, hunky) who dances on stage for women and gives them lap dances for money and their pleasure.
That male stripper is so hot I almost got wet while he was giving me a lap dance, in my seat!!!
by Hockey Stick June 6, 2015
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An erotic dance in which a woman or man sits in a chair and the giver( woman or man) grinds on their lap using their groin, ass, penis, etc
The lap dances at the strip club are expensive
by Hockey Stick May 16, 2015
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Grayson is an amazing girl is has beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. She is very sporty and all the guys fall for her. She has lots of friends and is very popular. She has a lot of friends but some really close friends that she can be herself around and act crazy. She can tend to be very self conscious and not like her body but little ideas she know she is very stunning. When Grayson gets a boyfriend she is very loyal and very loving. If u have a Grayson in you life never
Let her go
Look how beautiful grayson looks out there dancing
by Hockey Stick December 28, 2019
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