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The funniest girl you will ever know, will give you her heart just as fast as she will rip it from you. Don’t betray her trust, her best friend is Karma.
Malaree is beautiful.
by Youbet222 December 19, 2017
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malaree is crazy a little sassy and absolutely gorgeous. she can be a little bit of a biotch but everyone can’t get enough of her. she gets anyone and anything she wants and thinks she’s uglier than a rock.
dang malaree’s been getting on my nerves but i don’t really care it’s fine.
by shiningstar167238392929191 December 05, 2017
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The true definition of amazing. Cares way to much about others, and always puts friends before herself. To humble and sometimes let’s her emotions get her better side. But a pretty awesome friend.
Malaree is now one of my best friends.
by OC baseball September 21, 2018
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