Malahide is in dublin near place ever 2 live! Its not a posh place AT ALL!!! Even though some people like to think it is!! Its the home to many big celebs such as; Ronan Keeting, Nicky Byrne/Georgina Ahern & Brendan Gleeson! lol
I love Malahide
by eMiLy-BaBy! August 28, 2008
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oh your going to malahide there all rats there
by 12w1 November 14, 2019
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Malahide is a village in the county of Dublin. Everyone thinks Malahide is all glory, but once you reach Inbhir Ide you’ll realize it’s not. Malahide people claim to not be in their own bubble, but the furthest they make it away from their homes is down to Gibneys for a pint.
See that fella from Malahide? He’s probably never been in the city center.
by Yupthelads November 8, 2021
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