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1. A rock n' roll multi-instrumentalist from Seattle, WA. No-one knows for sure, but the band name apparently is a derivative of the word muckluck/mukluk/ macklack; rumored to come from a Simpons episode.

-A derivative of muckluck, mukluk, macklack.

2. Nothing/Everything.

3. Has multiple definitions in most languages except for English.
- A kind of boot invented and named by the native Alaskan Inuit peoples, who made them out of the skin of a seal or reindeer and lined them inside and out with fur for warmth.

- a bearded seal.

The Simpsons: episode: Day of the Jackanapes -
Kent: I spoke to Krusty about his legacy of laughter.
(cut to the interview. Krusty and Kent sit in lounge

chairs by a fireplace)
Krusty: Kent, the young people today, they think comedy is dirty

words. It's not -- it's words that *sound* dirty, like

"mukluk." (Kent and Krusty share a laugh) Mukluk.
(cut to Bob's cell in Springfield Penitentiary. A small

TV shows the interview, while Bob reads a magazine)
You like that? No charge. Mukluk. (laughs) Mukluk
Have you heard the new "Maklak" album?

I went to the "Maklak" concert last night and it was amazing!
by hardcorekid2012 December 22, 2009
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