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The state that is fabulously drunk. Loud, boorish obnoxious and very inebriated. Making wow involves table dancing, inappropriate behavior with service staff, disrespectful (but often hilariously self destructive) behavior with loved ones, bouncers and some times the police.

This expression has its source in the Funny or Die's second Ed Hardy Boys short movie. Post climax, Christian Audigier utters the sentence: "Lets make Wow!, Lets make Wow!" to the boys and durst. Perhaps this is a cynical interpretation of Audigier's meaning but it certainly is the closest, in my opinion, to what will occur in reality.
1 - Did you see Paul last night at the club?
2 - Dude! He was making wow!
1 - He managed to get that girl's number before getting thrown out and passing out on the sidewalk.
2 - Nice...
by Samson Mc WordSmithington April 04, 2010
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