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this is a crazy term , in which i use to the fullest everyday , cause everytime you do something in you mind or visual , the time that passes everyday can never happen again at that exact time so life burns and kills through a day so i live life everyday to the fullest and push my dreams goals and achievements to the top everyday exceed to all ic an and then its a new day toamrrow so i keep this everyday like it could be my last , take risks everyday there is a world out there that strives for new things everyday and what doesnt get done will never get done so makin' history is my way of life that keeps me goin everyday its more of a moto than a history lesson but putting the past behid you is one thing but makeing your past somethign you remmeber and so do others is where this chimes in you dont understand the desire its the want to go out and make history , that is almost what i live by i am very diffrent in the world of society , when it comes to something i want to do and i strive for its impression to set in and i make... my moves with what i have formed to be presented . i am here to bring the new life and era to next generation , and show others what it takes . that ,what means the most to you, shows, you have to take the risks to get where you want to be , you make who you are by your actions ,and for me im trying to make it more than just a goal or an achievement in life itself...its Makin' History at its fullest.. grandma swaggin
you make this real so everyday before you await think and make it an impression which you will remember Makin' history
by Makin' History November 30, 2010
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