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A sub-board of a makeup site comprised of white, 25-50 year old women. This is where women who are bitter at the world go to unleash their bitchery in order to feel better about themselves. Many are mothers which is frightening when you see how they act.

Common topic du jour's include:

picking every attractive woman posted apart (yet if a MUAer posts a picture of themselves "omg gorgeous!"), shitting on feminism, "flaming" people who say something a MUAer doesn't agree with, casual racism, pets, how making 70k a year means you're poor, college (most MUAers claim to have a college degree yet are still complete fools), shitty significant others, obviously made up stories, etc etc.

This is a very hostile environment & almost everyone who frequents Cafe has a severe mental/emotional issue. If you're better off than a majority of the people on the board you must be sickeningly humble or prepare for shit to be flung your way. Nice posters exist but are few and far between, and most "normal" and sane posters left a long time ago.

A rundown on some popular posters with names redacted to give you a feel of the board:

Unstable ex-junkie addicted to cosmetic injectables and tacky hair dye.

Popular for being cheery yet despised by some because she ruins their incessant brooding.

Sugar baby who hates women.

The Kim Kardashian of the board. Stupid and vapid yet people can't stop talking about her.

Racist republican who thinks native Americans deserved to have their land stolen.
Makeupalley cafe is a black hole filled to the brim with women you would never want to meet.
by Percy Jackson is Back June 10, 2014
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The board on makeupalley on which the women love to make up excessively stupid and FAKE stories for attention. they make-up that they have diseases, that they're SO finds a tooth in food, that they found a super expensive purse for $600 dollars cheaper (yet can't tell you where), that they found a magic diet, that they're ALL a size 00 and have curves (lmao), that they're cat did something superrrrrr cool, that they're SO's are ALL supposedly good in bed, that they were never supported by their parents (and that it's bad to be), that they all have new cars (HAHAHA), that they NEVER tried drugs when young, or whatever other stupid things they can make up for attention.
"Omg, omg, guess what makeupalley cafe my cat just did a sommer-sault and then a new gold bracelet came out of my SO's poop!!! OMG!"
by Ihatedrama July 28, 2006
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Just read definition #1. Does it sound like it was posted/written by someone without an axe to grind? The Cafe board on Makeupalley (MUA) is the place where there are no "off topic" posts.

Of course, if some trolls (See: Beautybash) can't cause trouble there, they run back to beautybash and try to justify their existence by posting idiotic things to try to make their small, dark souls feel somehow better.
Everyone who's not out to cause trouble is welcome in the Makeupalley Cafe.
by nimble November 08, 2006
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