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An NPC in the world of RuneScape. He/she is able to transform the player's gender and skin tone upon request. His/her main purpose is transforming sexually confused male players into female characters; these "girls" then go out into the world, usually identifiable by their hotness and suspicious taste in fashion (i.e. short shorts from Keldagrim). The Makeover Mage is responsible for at least half of the female characters in RuneScape. Genuine female players are rare.
*PkerGod spots his friend Bigdaddy13 walking away from the makeover mage's house*
PkerGod: Hey, weren't you a guy...?
Bigdaddy13: Um, no? Y do u ask
PkerGod: Yes you were. Dude, I saw you at CW yesterday.
Bigdaddy13: Oh that. Well see this account used to be my brothers but he gave it to me
PkerGod: Hmm. *adds Bigdaddy 13 to his ignore list*
by Enigmatical February 03, 2011
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