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Getting so drunk that your drunken antics are the same as one Matthew James Bellamy of Muse after a NME awards show
To Make a Bellamy of myself:

Dom: We had a massive ufo, we had-

Matt: It could've been bigger. It could have been bigger. It wasn't that big. Like, I wanted to do something like- I can't remember, we were doing a fesitval somewhere last year- and I wanted like, a REAL ufo. Not, not like a real ufo, but like, something that was coming out from, like, it had it's own propellers and a pilot, you know, like a, like a zeppelin, but like, circular shaped. We looked into and it cost like, it was gonna cost like, like hundreds of thousands and there was no clearance on health and safety depending on the weather, so it was like a big risk. I was saying, "Let's just fucking do it, you know? Let's just go for it!" Cos imagine if that thing just came over like, like, like I don't know where, like, Glastonbury or something. Imagine if it-

Dom: Just take it easy, take it easy...

Matt: Imagine if it just came over the audience. Be like, "The fuck is going on?" Like, "What's happening?! Is something in the sky?" Like, it'd be like, it would've been- it could've been great. I'm heading for greatness. I'm trying to get there, but it's a struggle. It's a long term struggle.
by NewBorn February 24, 2011
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