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Plural form of Makarovnik. (See link for more information)

Makarovniks are People who collect the Makarov Pistol, and usually other communist blok guns.
People who collect makarovs are Makarovniks.
by GunCat May 29, 2006
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A Makarovnik is an enthusiast of surplus firearms originating from Communist Blok nations part of the former USSR. Particularly, they are especially fans of the Makarov pistol which, adopted in 1949, served communist blok nations until the fall of the Soviet Union, and continue to server some members of the CIS. Most makarovniks communicate to each other through the Web, and are mostly in the United States, but there are makarovniks in other nations which allow its citizens to own firearms for personal use. The term is mainly used by gun enthusiasts on gun forums.
Oh, that person is a Makarovnik, he owns over 20 Makarovs, including fine examples from the original communist Russian plant, modern Makarovs produced in the Russian Republic, East Germany, Bulgaria, China, the Middle East, and the rare Simon Suhl Makarov manufactured in East Germany after it was again part of united Germany.
by GunCat April 22, 2006
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