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The Makailee: A highly contagious almost fatal disease.
Psychotic neurological radiation emitting from "The Source" affects the signals sent from the brain to the spinal cord and branching limbs.
If caught, movement must be continuous.
If not enough signals sent from the brain is detected, the neurological system will convulse, leading to a violent spontaneous combustion.
Luckily, the Makailee epidemic is only temporary.
Leaving the body after a few minutes of non-exposure of "The Source".
If you suspect that you have attained this awful virus, please call your local physician.
Madeline's Oshychian nickname from HPCS.

Alastin wrote the "definition"

Emma/Tiffany/Staramarina: I can't seem to stay still today.
Alex/Alastin: You've caught the Makailee!!

Madeline/Makailee: Uh-oh!
by Makailee August 23, 2010
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AKA Makfatass.
An oversized toad. You may spot a makailee at the buffet section.
This massive specimine wabbles as she tromples.
You will not find a Makailee without her cell phone and her fat face.
A makailee may also be known as a lesbian or a gay. She is obsessed with her friends and likes to watch them as they slumber.
She often downs gallons of sour cream.
She may have a surprise attack on you because she is quite bipolar.
The best thing to do if you spot a makailee is to turn and run because she will not be able to catch you, The pounds will weigh her down.
"I saw a makailee at the pool yesterday. She did a cannonball into the water and half the pool went missing."
by Hailyyyy June 13, 2009
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