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She is very attractive and beautiful. She is loving and caring. She will go out of her way and do anything for you but don’t take her her for granted. She knows her worth. She is very intelligent. She is also very funny and a good friend. She a little bit of an attitude problem but it’s nothing major. She is loyal and always will have you back no matter what. She is talented. She has big dreams and nobody or anything can get in the way of her accomplishing her goals. She always keeps things real with you and would never switch up. She is a very forgiving person. She doesn’t trust a lot of people so if she is open to you that means she really likes you and is giving you her trust. If you break her trust it’s hard to get it back. She also doesn’t mind cutting you off and acting like she never knew you. She is very independent and she doesn’t need nobody to make her happy. She always has her own. She is one of the best people to have in your life so if you mess up with her it’s your loss.
Guy1: Do you know Maiyia?
Guy2: yea she really pretty.
Guy1: yea she gon be my wife one day.
by Amourred March 03, 2018
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