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A Maishawn is a cocky, but funny person. A maishawn is known to be a player, but longs for that special one. Maishawn is popular and only friends with populars. He belongs to the group of the monkey see monkey do. Be careful not to be on the wrong side of a maishawn. Although maishawn can be rude to fellow classmates, teammates, ext. he is infact nice to older people such as friends parents and elders. Yet he does not act politely to teachers, babysiters, or anyone with the ability to punish him. A maishawn is the type of person to visit the principles office a good amount of times throughout the year. And not on the count of good behavior. He is known to be a ladies man and one who will take what he can get and move on. A maishawn typically will loose his virginity within the years of middle school and first two years of highschool. A maishawn usually is vary good looking and will act very nice to someone he is interested in. He has many friends both girls and boys. All of his friends are either dumb, bad, hot/pretty, or popular. Be careful around a maishawn you never know his intentions.
girl 1: "OML maishawn is such a hot bad boy."
Girl2: " I heard that he will date a girl have sex and dump her. But he might go back if it was good."

Boy 1: "Maishawn my man, so you get suspended agan?"
Maishawn: " yeah only for a day though. Teachers just don't get that no one is the boss of maishawn!"
Boy 2: " except the girl that rides you!"
by Mr.strawberrylover July 05, 2018
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