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A strikingly passionate boy with gifts of golden words and heavenly musical talents. He has been taken from normality delivered as an unearthly being to the world, although still he contains his humble humanity. Most see this boy as the perfect being and until you look into him instead of at him do you see his flaws, his calling of unhappiness. For the few that do look inside they only wish to help this mailboy and return the normality to his life.
A mailboy is an unfortunate musician taken by the deliverance of the postal service.
by xoxoCandacexoxo July 14, 2009
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A completely, utterly, and perpetually misunderstood person. A person that thinks deeply and thoughtfully. The mailboy attracts attention good and bad and can enthral an audience, though perhaps would rather not at times. Their life leads them to be hounded and sought after to an unprecedented degree. A mailboy is someone who has enviable taste in music. As well as, a witty sense of humour, though because of the often cryptic nature of mailboy's speech, it is lost on their addled audience. Laughingly, mailboys are known to give large numbers of people headaches due to their audience's lack of understanding of what is being said. People often mistakenly assume mailboy is talking directly to them.
It is impossible to define a mailboy.

I think mailboy is talking to me, but I can never be sure.

Mailboy is giving me a headache again; ouch my brain hurts.

People love the music that you suggest and play mailboy.
by someoneoflittleimportance August 24, 2009
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